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And the award goes to…..?

It’s award season again… and everywhere you look someone is receiving a Golden Globe, an Academy Award, A Grammy, a Spotlight Award, ….an ICA CATIE!  {have you entered yet?}  What an honor resulting from talent, dedication and hard work.  But what I really want to know is… how do you feel about awards generated by review sites like WeddingWire’s Bride’s Choice Awards, or The Best of the Knot?

There are two schools of thought on this subject.  The first says that awards such as these are not merit based, but rather created by the websites to enable them to harness the metadata power of thousands of web badges floating all over wedding websites that link back to their site, as well as optimizing their presence everywhere in search engines.  The second says that you can only land within the 5% or 10% of winning companies if brides are out there reviewing you positively- a direct response to great work on your part, but also  meaning that brides are being navigated to the review sites to write the reviews.  

So weigh in–  do you feel these awards are merit driven or not, and do you think “winning” one carries any weight with today’s bride?


And by the way– the deadline for CATIE Award submissions has been extended to January 19th- so let’s see your hard work pay off!

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